The LSD Project is a Hub for Higher Consciousness…
The volunteers & members of the
LSD.com ‘Internet Acid Test‘:

USE Art, Science and creative Critical Thinking to explore Awareness;
BUILD a community based on millennia of human psychedelic experimentation and;
INSPIRE humanity to Act and Evolve.

The Goals of the LSD Project include:

1. Inform the Public
• Establish a global hub for information on psychedelics.
• Bring together authoritative trustworthy sources.
• Bring public awareness to therapies employing psychedelics
• Review ongoing research fieldwork on risks and benefits.
• Explore the history of psychedelics in medicine, culture
• Review past/current legal issues arising from scientific study of psychedelics.
 — Learning from positive/negative experiences of the past
• Collect information on all aspects of psychedelia:
 — Peer-reviewed scientific research
 — Tools for exploring scientific data to form your own conclusions
 — Anecdotal information/stories/art from community members
• Discuss the relationship between psychedelics and consciousness.
 — Define/understand the differences between different pathways, chemical and otherwise, to expanded consciousness.

2. Serve the Public

• Secure proxy service so interested people worldwide can safely research and explore drug science.
• Ad-free & privacy-enhancing while being self-sustainable.
• Provide a low-cost custom domain hosting & web services platform.
• Custom host domains and mailboxes.
– Eg: (Create and customize lsd.com/yoursite ; Receive & send email to/from yourname@LSD.com)
• Interactive & multi-modal community space where individuals can meet, organize, and discuss related topics.
• Create a vibrant platform for academics and organizations to share their research and policy initiatives.
• Collectively destigmatize:
– The responsible use of psychedelics & entheogenic plants.
– The acronym LSD.
– The research into these substances and their effects on the mind and body.

3. Entertain

• Constantly remind everyone (and ourselves) that, if done correctly and safely, opening your mind to become aware of the larger context in which we all exist should be interesting, amusing, pleasurable and even fun.

Long ago, on a lonely ARPA subnet in a galaxy far, far away, a mysterious figure tiptoed down an academic monastery’s hallway and slipped into the office of a humble wizard. After a brief exchange of whispered command-line incantations interrupted only by the occasional burst of laughter, the registeration of the domain name “LSD.com” was negotiated (with a free beverage as a friendly bribe), to much merriment.

Since that distant time, now shrouded in the misty netscapes of the past four decades, that mystery man, now graying himself, has guarded the domain, protecting it from The Unworthy as a kind of Templar of the Psychedelic Realm. He has waited patiently for the time to be right to release LSD to the world. After the World Wide Web was eventually invented and ‘websites’ became possible, “www.LSD.com” briefly appeared on the triple-dubs, spilling out in kaleidoscopic spectral waves from an overclocked NeXT cube in a Cupertino office. That flickering incarnation, predating today’s search engine indices and massive archives of content, is archived now only in the dark recesses of the world’s major intelligence agencies. And on X’ encrypted airwalled backups in a two-factor, biometrically-authenticated vault in a secure subterranean redoubt.

In 2020, when the Pandemic struck, X felt it was time to bring the domain’s gospel of psychedelic consciousness back to the people of the world. The LSD Project was quietly launched in the Summer of 2020 and after some technical infrastructure was configured, X made a General Call for individuals willing to emerge from the global ether and collaborate in the development of the Internet Acid Test, a massive home, a hub for all things psychedelic, for seekers of the Vision who take many different pathways toward the Universal Oneness.

The domain is idle no more: it is now recruiting a team of special individuals to turn LSD.com from a ‘barn find’ dragged out of a dusty garage, into a supercar ready to cruise the Intertubes. We believe the time has come to stay above the surface for good and do whatever good can be done with the domain.

The current iteration of The LSD Project was borne out of the shared vision to manifest a proper 21st-century online home for all molecules that have affected human beings over the millennia in such magnificent ways. We are here to give knowledge, consciousness and scientific learning to the world. We hope to be a platform for the Science(s) that allowed for these experiences to take place and wish to help the “psychedelic renaissance” make progress in meaningful and long-lasting ways. 

We welcome your constructive feedback and if you’d like to join the team and earn an equity partnership role by helping us, please find us on social media or contact us directly.



James a.k.a  “Cheshire Cat
Chief Positive Project Progression Officer

Keeps everything rolling in the right direction.
Most likely to see his actual face. 
Not a web designer.
*  Actively looking for someone to fix everything you see here. *
“Well, some go this way, and some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut.”

EE a.k.a “Hatter”
Purveyor of Magickal Tease

Hatter makes sure our little tea-party’s web keeps spinning and that things don’t get too broken.

X – aka “White Rabbit”
Chief Bottlewasher & Despamitization Engineer

X tinkers in the background, serves as chair of the benevolent LSD roundtable and is a seeker of partners and helpers to assist in this grand journey. X is a shy woodland creature who has yet to be photographed. The original registrant of the LSD.com domain name long before the common net era (BCNE) began, X welcomes you to the project. You can speak to him via Skype by sending a request containing your SkypeID and a compelling question or proposal using our Contact form.