Hello, Wanderer… might you be interested in attending Lucy’s Special Development team? People with certain skills are gathering to discuss building something special for humanity at the LSD.com domain.
Sound like your jam? To be notified about Spring 2021 development updates, including beta testing our new “Alice.LSD.com” RocketChat conferencing server and Keycloak SSO/registration tool, please fill out the easy form below. **

Once yon Hoary Oracle’s Magical Abacus hath fallen silent o’er the entrails of the form’s output, thou shalt receive, via the email thou didst provide, some Furry Constructions about what to do next — along with sealing wax and/or a passphrase…

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** Please include seven of the following four items:
(1) A synaesthetic description of the three most important accessories found on Swiss bicycles from the 1940s;
(2) Two patentable diagrams describing a method for teleporting eleven strands of your hair as a DNA sample across an adjacent Brane;
(3) A description of four diamond-shaped objects of historic socioeconomic importance and;
(4) Three 3cm^2 patches of sky (any shade of blue) from the past two centuries sorted by date (descending order) and latitude, in an hermetically sealed vacuum container kept at ≤ 137.5° Kelvin.